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    “We only represent candidates we truly believe fulfil the requirements of each role. We find candidates which may not always reply to job adverts or submit their CV’s onto jobsites, and instead use our internal database, enabling us to obtain the best talent for a wide variety of roles”

    Contingency Search:

    When a role is less urgent, you may want to consider a contingency search.  Within a short period of time we will aim to supply you a number of highly skilled candidates who have experience and knowledge to fill your vacancy. Our internal database and exceptional industry understanding enables us to deliver outstanding candidates at the first go.


    • Your job roles are filled quicker
    • Exposure of your company to a wider targeted audience of candidates
    • Less duplicate candidates
    • Positive marketing of your company throughout the industry
    • Improve ratio of CV’s received to candidates interviewed


    Retained Search:

    If you have a vacancy which requires extensive experience and is a difficult to fill, a retained search may be the best option for you.  We will conduct the entire recruitment effort from start-up until the ideal candidates begins working for your company.

    Our Consultants have years of recruitment experience and will their exceptional knowledge to search for profiles which we feel best fit the vacancy.  The candidate may already be employed and not considering a move, however, we will still provide them with the details of the role in case they are interested.

    If possible, we will aim to send you more than one profile for each job role to allow you a choice of candidates.  By using a retained search, you will get fill commitment of filling your vacancies.


    • Your initial investment allows us to allocate resources internally and dedicate a Consultant to your vacancy or project.
    • Commitment from start-up until the role has been filled
    • Staggered payment which will reduce the budgetary problems caused by recruitment fees
    • Deal with just one recruiter